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What Do Canadians Have in Common with Americans? Debt – Here’s the Solution


Debt Solution winnipeg

DEBT! In May of this year, the United States of America was at risk of defaulting on their debt.  The U.S. debt is over $32 trillion (that’s right trillion with a T). 

President Biden said “it would be catastrophic for the American economy and the American people if we did not pay our bills.” I can’t even imagine the amount of daily interest that would accrue on a debt that large. 

While that debt load is certainly frightening to say the least, Canadians owe over 2.3 trillion dollars in consumer debts including mortgages. So Canadians and Americans both owe trillions  of dollars in debt.  

The U.S. fix was to raise their debt ceiling, meaning that they can borrow more money to pay their debt. Personally I don’t believe getting more debt to pay for existing debt is the right solution but I don’t profess any understanding of national economic policies or macro economics. 

But here’s an area I am intimately familiar with and very knowledgeable about: personal debt. 

Solutions to Personal Debt

I’ve spent my entire professional life understanding and fixing personal debts. Debt can be among the greatest stressors you will ever face. 

When debts get large enough, it can really start to feel like there’s no way out, that the walls are closing in and everything you’ve worked your whole life on may suddenly disappear – debt can be that powerful. After all, when you get deep enough in debt, how can you possibly hope to repay all your creditors barring some miraculous windfall like winning the lottery or being the beneficiary of a long-lost relative’s estate. 

Though it may feel that way, your debt is actually not as insurmountable as you think. It’s actually very, very possible to overcome your debt – easy, even. 

I know that sounds too good to be true, but it’s not – it’s exactly what someone like me (a Licensed Insolvency Trustee) was trained to do: help people get out from under their debt and regain financial freedom. 

How do we do that? 

With a consumer proposal in Winnipeg. 

Consumer Proposals – Your Debt Solution

I once had a client who had personal and business debts and he was very stressed over his financial situation. He was (naturally) worried about how his growing debt would impact his life. 

But I told him that we could work through it and fix the situation – and we did. 

Caplan Debt Solutions can deal with any of your debt problems and come up with creative solutions to repair your financial situation; personally I’ve been doing exactly that successfully for over 30 years. 

Something like a consumer proposal Winnipeg can be like a beacon of light that chases away the long shadow cast by debt. That’s because it consolidates your debts and turns them into one manageable monthly payment. 

You don’t have to borrow more money and get your credit limits raised, you just need to come visit Caplan Debt Solutions and we will help you resolve your credit problems in a manageable, stress free fashion. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late, like the U.S. almost did come see us now to fix your debt problems before they become unmanageable. There is no time to take control of your finances like the present.  The first step, a phone call or email , is easy and it will only get easier after that.