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If you are looking for additional information or tools online, the following sites may provide some useful information:

Financial Tools and Calculators

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (
FCAC is the Federal agency that ensures consumer protection measures are followed, promotes financial education and raises consumers’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities. Also has links to financial tools and calculators. (
Mint allows you to see all of your financial accounts at a glance and helps you plan a budget and track your spending.

Countabout (
Countabout is a budgeting and financial tracking tool. (There is a $9.99 annual charge for the basic service and a $39.99 annual charge for the premium service.)

Acorns (
Acorns is a savings app that rounds up purchases and automatically invests the change in a diversified portfolio.

PocketGuard (
PocketGuard is an inexpensive budgeting app.

Prism (
Prism is another free budgeting app.

PocketSmith (
Pocketsmith is a budgeting tool offering a number of options at various price points. The basic budget option is free. There is a premium and super service both which come with monthly fees.


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Personal (Non-Financial) Counselling

Broadway Resources Seniors Counsel Inc. (
Broadway Resources Seniors Counsel is a non profit organization that offers counselling to seniors suffering from any number of stressors, including financial.

University of Manitoba (
The University of Manitoba offers free psychological counselling to those in need. They offer service under the name of the University of Manitoba Psychological Service Centre.

Klinic – Community Health Centre (
The vision of Klinic is “To offer primary health care, mental health care and community health services to enhance individual and community capacity”.

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (
The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) offers a wide range of resources related to alcohol, drugs and problem gambling including publications, fact sheets, websites and related information.

Legal Aid Manitoba (
Legal Aid Manitoba provides legal services to low-income adults and youth in Manitoba who qualify financially and have a case with merit. 


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We offer a no cost, no obligation, personal consultation so we can get to know you.

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