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Debt Help in Winnipeg, MB

Get Debt Help in Winnipeg From an Experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustee Today

Stop owing, start growing your life with Caplan Debt Solutions. We’ll help you restructure debts, make payments manageable, protect loved ones, and take back control of your life.  

  • Create a personalized plan that consolidates and eliminates (you read that right) payday loans, credit card bills, overdue invoices, income tax (CRA debt), and other types of unsecured debt.
  • Reduce debts to manageable levels (and even have them forgiven) with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee who brings over 25 years of experience.
  • End the constant fear of angry phone calls and threatening letters from debt collectors-consumer proposals and bankruptcies are legally binding.
  • Eliminate anxiety about loved ones-creditor threats and actions stop as soon as you start working with us for consumer proposals and bankruptcy in Winnipeg.
  • You don’t have to pay to be debt-free-we’ll get paid from the settlement with creditors and be completely upfront about fees from the beginning.

Wake Up Tomorrow With That Debt-Free Feeling

Turn the page on debt with Caplan Debt Solutions , one of the most trusted consumer proposal and bankruptcy partners in Winnipeg, MB. Book a free, no-obligation consultation and discuss your debt worry-free.

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Helping People Take Back Control of Their Lives From Debt

Debt can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. For over two decades, people and businesses have turned to Bruce Caplan for consumer proposals and bankruptcy help in Winnipeg, MB. At Caplan Debt Solutions, we don’t just help you get out of debt, we help to restore your confidence and self-esteem.

Discuss your debt without judgment or disrespect. You will work with a professional team that takes the time to understand your financial situation and needs. Receive practical, no-nonsense advice from a team that’s here to help you restore your credit and help you get back to a productive life. 

We never promise “too good to be true” offers nor solutions that are worse than being indebted.

Take Control of Your Debt With Consumer Proposals in Winnipeg, MB

It’s far too easy for bill payments and expenses to overtake income. Consumer proposals will help you reduce debt and consolidate it into one manageable amount.

Benefits of consumer proposals in Winnipeg, MB:

  • Reduce how much you owe and consolidate liabilities
  • Stop collections, actions and threats
  • Protect loved ones and your assets from further legal action

Get Immediate Relief With Bankruptcy in Winnipeg, MB

  • Bankruptcy can seem intimidating, but it can give you the fresh start you need. Work with an experienced trustee who will help you discharge debts and live debt-free.

    Benefits of declaring bankruptcy in Winnipeg, MB:

    • Have debts legally discharged
    • Stop wage garnishment
    • End all legal actions from debt
    • Retain assets such as RRSPs and pension
    • Protect yourself and loved ones from continued legal action

The Sooner You Get Debt Help in Winnipeg, the Sooner You Put Debt Behind You

  • Receive personal attention and friendly service from a team committed to unraveling your debt. We’re here to help you get back to a happy, prosperous life.

    Book a free, no-obligation consultation and get debt help in Winnipeg worry-free.

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    Caplan Debt Solutions offers help with consumer proposals and bankruptcy in Winnipeg for those in need of solving their debt problems. 

You can feel confident at Caplan Debt Solutions that your financial future and well-being will be carefully looked after by a licensed debt restructuring professional.

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Client Testimonial

When we first contacted Bruce Caplan, we didn’t know what to expect. We had never had debt problems before and we had experienced very high levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Bruce talked us through various options and he recommended a consumer proposal. It was shortly after our meeting with Bruce that he contacted us and let us know we had a resolution. We highly recommend Bruce Caplan for debt solutions. He made it easy for us.

Bruce and Vera-Lynne