Credit Counselling Winnipeg

What is Credit Counselling?

Credit counselling is exactly what it sounds like – you will be able to sit down with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) or other insolvency professional to discuss your financial situation and assess strategies to relieve the burden of your debt. Caplan Debt Solutions offers the credit counselling Winnipeg residents trust.

What are the requirements for seeking credit counselling?

If you feel stressed out or concerned about your financial situation, Winnipeg credit counselling could be right for you. Whether your financial concerns can be solved by budgeting more effectively or require more complicated solutions, our team is here to help. We will discuss the range of financial options at your disposal and share our thoughts about what best fits your unique needs.

What Happens During a Credit Counselling Session?

Our insolvency professionals have years of experience in consumer credit counselling. Winnipeg residents, and people from around Manitoba, will be treated with respect, empathy, and discretion during these sessions. Our goal is to help you determine the best solution to what may seem like an impossible financial situation. At your in-person meeting, we will explain the different choices available to assist you in recovering from your financial distress, including filing for bankruptcy, submitting a consumer proposal, or submitting an informal proposal. We will always provide our professional opinion so that you can make the best decision for your financial future in a pressure-free atmosphere.

What are the Benefits of Credit Counselling with Caplan Debt Solutions?

With experience helping companies and individuals solve some very difficult financial problems, Caplan Debt Solutions believes that how help is delivered is just as important as the kind of help people receive. During our time in business, we have learned that choosing whether to file an Assignment in Bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal is not only an emotional decision, but also a stressful one. At Caplan Debt Solutions, our goal is to eliminate the stress that often accompanies what feels like an insurmountable debt burden. Many people have told us that they feel immediate relief after meeting with us. Often times, when signing their documents, some people feel like they are signing their lives away. We tell them they are signing their debts away and getting a fresh start.

Learn More About Caplan’s Consumer Credit Counselling Winnipeg Services

At Caplan Debt Solutions, we really can “Get Debt Off Your Mind.” Contact us for a free consultation and help us help you eliminate your financial stress. With our credit counselling, Winnipeg residents can address financial concerns and move toward a brighter future.

You can feel confident at Caplan Debt Solutions that your financial future and well-being will be carefully looked after by a licensed debt restructuring professional.

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Client Testimonial

I am pleased to provide this testimonial and recommendation on behalf of Bruce Caplan.
In the past, I have worked with trustees from both sides of the table – creditor and debtor; and from their commercial and consumer practices. I found Bruce Caplan to be the most reasonable and practical trustee that I have dealt with. Bruce is a consummate professional – with deep knowledge and experience in his profession; and his reputation proceeds him when you observe the positive way that lenders, lawyers and accountants respond to him.
Trustees have a difficult job to do. There are any number of challenges and stresses involved in working out a satisfactory debt solution. Bruce has a trait that sets him aside from others in his profession. Bruce brings a personal touch to his work, the best word I can use is – humanity. Bruce does not lose site of the fact that there are real people involved in every situation that he deals with. He works hard to maintain an atmosphere of dignity and respect for, and from, all parties.

Garry S.